St. Stephen's School, Budge Budge Affiliated to C.I.S.C.E New Delhi (Code WB-351) The Diocese Of Barrackpore
Church of North-India

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Budge Budge


The school derives its name from St. Stephen, the first Christian sacrificial victim, who is regarded as the patron saint of the institution and 15th of February is celebrated as the St. Stephen's day. St. Stephen is portrayed in the radiant terms in the Book of Acts Chapters VI and VII of the Bible. Stephen was a man of God. He was not only prudent but also a person of profound faith. God blessed him abundantly and he was over flowing with the Holy Spirit. He performed countless miracles and went about spreading the message of God. However the preaching of Stephen was not cherished by the members of the Jewish council, who became infuriated when he said that he could see Jesus standing in all his glory at the right hand of God. Hearing this they became furious and dragged him out of the city arid stoned him to decease. He in addition at the time of his death cried out for forgiveness of all those who killed him. St. Stephen is a gleaming model of Spiritual headship. We earnestly look forward to that the life of St. Stephen will arouse all young men and women to come under our guidance because they are "STEPHENITES". In response of the demand and urge of the populace of Budge Budge and it's adjacent areas the mother body of this mission namely Church of North India extended its mission work under the guidance of the Diocese of Barrackpore for imparting quality education to the high ambitious children of the determined people at an reasonably priced free by establishing today's renown St. Stephen's School, Budge Budge in the year 2006 and it started its glorious workings with fellowship and cooperation of the local inhabitants. The renowned Diocesan Mission School, Budge Budge was preferred to switch over into the School, Budge Budge and the will of the Almighty and endeavor of the missionaries was fulfilled Right now St. Stephen's School, Budge Budge is soaring along with other distinguished branches with the same name covering eastern India with the same mission and doctrines. St Stephen's School, Budge Budge has been functioning, splendidly since its installation under the directives of the Barrackpore Diocesan Education Society and the Governing Body of the Founders Body and the 5thool has by now won accolades for imparting outstanding education arid this& gratified by achieving cent percent projected result by the learners of this magnificent institute.

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