St. Stephen's School, Budge Budge Affiliated to C.I.S.C.E New Delhi (Code WB-351) The Diocese Of Barrackpore
Church of North-India

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Budge Budge

WE are the Best

    Our instruction strategies and Co-curricular activities.

  • In St. Stephen’s School we guarantee most valuable knowledge and acquaintances through:
  • Purposeful direction and management of the learning process.
  • Targeting high achievable expectations of the learners.
  • Recognizing different abilities of the learners to use their learning skills.
  • Creating an interactive and participatory learning process to make lessons satisfactory and enjoyable.
  • Inculcating self management and group competencies to complete tasks independently.
  • Helping learners to monitor their own belief and behaviour accurately to ensemble in the present context.
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