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Every student must wear a proper, complete and clean uniform daily. Defaulters may be fined Rs. 5/- (Rupees five only) or be sent home. The following is the approved school uniform for the students of LN onwards.


BOYS : Grey shorts and checked shirt with school tie, belt, plain white socks, plain black leather school shoes with lace, school badge.
GIRLS : Checked shirts, grey skirt, white ribbon, school tie, school badge, plain white socks, black leather school shoes.


BOYS : BOYS : Grey trousers and checked shirt with school belt, plain white Socks, plain black leather school shoes with lace, school Badge.
GIRLS : Checked shirt, grey skirt, white ribbon, school tie, school badge plain white socks and black leather school shoes.


BOYS & GIRLS: (V onwards) in addition to normal uniform, grey blazers as prescribed.
(Compulsory from V onwards)
Blue white striped shirt and dark blue trousers with tie, belt, plain white socks, plain black leather shoes with lace & school badge.


BOYS & GIRLS: (V onwards) in addition to normal uniform, blue blazers as prescribed.


BOYS :(Pre-Nursery- to IV) White shorts, white t-shirts with house colour border on the neck and sleeves, white P.T. shoes (keds). (V on wards) White trousers, white t-shirts with house colour border on the neck and sleeves,white P.T. shoes ( keds).

Girls :(LN up-wards)White skirt, white t-shirt with house colour border on the neck and sleeves, white P.T. shoes ( keds).

BOYS & GIRLS: (LN to IV) in addition to normal uniform, grey sweater/cardigan as prescribed.

For Class XI & XII BOYS & GIRLS :House colour t-Shirt, and dark blue track pants.

1.NOTE :Boys of classes LN to VI may wear trousers from November to February.

2.Learners must wear the Tie, Belt and School Badge.

3.No fancy hairstyles will be allowed either for the boys or the girls. All boys must have their hair trimmed above their collars. Girls must beve short hair or plaits tied with white ribbons. Use of nail polish, nail extension, hair colour & mehendi in any form is not allowed.

4.Wearing any kind of adornment in school is not permitted.

5.No valuables should be worn or brought to School.

Low waist trousers or skirt not allowed.
'Be Clean! Be healthy'


1.Learners are expected to come to School neat and tidy prescribed School Uniform is to be worn in School and at School functions by all students, and by Students representing the School elsewhere.
2.Students must be punctual and be present on time at all places where they are required to be such as Assembly, Regular Classes, P.T., Library, Functions etc.
3.irregular attendance, habitual idleness, regular lack of adh of School Rules neglect of homework, disobedience disrespect towards members of the staff, any kind of practice either within or outside the School premises sufficient reason, after consulting with other staff for givi forced Transfer Certificate to the student. Pupils are responsi the Principal / Vice-Principal / In-Charge / Department. He conducts both in and outside the school.
4.Students who have been absent on the previous day/days produce the Principal / Vice-Principal / In-charge explanation written by their parents in the School Diary, whi be brought to the School everyday.
5.In the absence of a teacher from class, pupils must ob Monitor/Captain/Vice-Captain/Prefects appointed in the
6.Any damage done to School property must be made a good student responsible or by the class as a whole as will be decide the authorities. The School authorities can impose individ collective fines.
7.Parents are expected to cooperate with the school authorities by enforcing regularity and discipline, and by taking an interest in their children's progress. Parents should check the School Diary, note the teacher's remarks, put their initials and sign the Prep. Book regularly.
8.Students who fail to reach a satisfactory academic standard and whose over all results are not satisfactory will on no account be promoted. A detailed programme of all major Examinations will be given to the students in due time.
9.Social arrangements can not be made far pupils who, for any reason, are absent from any written examination/test.
10.Parents are requested to communicate with the Principal/ Vice-Principal by letter or to meet personally by taking prior appointments regarding the progress and welfare of their ward. The Charge / Department Head may also require any parent to meet personally in the matter of progress of the pupils.
11.Parents are not allowed to meet their wards during School hours without permission from the Principal/ Vice-Principal. Entry into the permission is granted by the Principal/Vice-Principal. School Office and Staff-rooms is also prohibited unless permission is granted by the Principal / Vice-Principal.
12.Students are to be encouraged to speak in English at all times during School hours, except when attending the vernacular classes.
13.The result of the Annual examination of the defaulters will not be published. All dues as applicable must be paid before the commencement of the Annual Examination.
14.Students are responsible for the safe custody of their books and personal belongings at School. The School Authorities will not compensate for any lost article. Parents are requested not to allow cash or costly articles to be brought to School by their wards. Watches and Gold Ornaments are forbidden. All objectionable matter is strictly prohibited. Unauthorized cash / articles found with students will be confiscated.
15.An Identity card is issued to every student. Students must have updated Identity Cards every year, Parents must bring the Identity Cards of their wards at the time of taking them home from Pre-Nursery up-wards.
16.Students must pay the Annual (Session) Charge and other dues before the the commencement of the new Academic Session within the stipulated dates to be mtified at the end of the Final Examination, failing which their names may be removed from the School Register and they have to seek Re-Admission.
17.Provision is made for Sports and Athletics. Pupils should participate in games and co-curricular activities when required to do so. They must participate whole-heartedly in all co-curricular activities, such as Scouts, Guides, Debate, Quiz, Games, Dance, Art, Music and singing, Participation in such activities and practice after the school hours / Saturdays/Sundays may be deemed compulsory. Absence on the ground of attending coaching classes/ private tuitions will not be allowed.


No half-day or early leave shall normally be granted. If the Parents /Guardians feel that their ward, is required at home or elsewhere for some purpose, the student should not be sent to School, on such day. Attendance is compulsory on the closing day, and on the reopening day before and after holidays/vacations, barring exceptional circumstances, failing which a fine of Rs. 10/- per day may be levied. Parents must understand that since the School provides at least three long vacations in a year, there should be no reason for a student to visit outstation at any other time. Students must have their Monthly Attendance Records, Late Records, and Absent Records regularly countersigned by the Class Teachers.
Application for leave, both short and long, should reach to the Principal / Vice-Principal, preferably in advance, with a copy to the Class Teacher concerned. All application must contain
(1) Name of the Student in full,
(2) Class and Section,
(3) Full Address of the Student,
(4) Roll Number, and
(5) Full signature of the Parents or Guardians. Whenever a student is ill for more than Three days, an application from the Parent/Guardian. enclosing the Medical Certificate from the attending Doctor, should be submitted. Submitting a bare Medical Certificate, as is often done, is advised against.


1.Absolute silence to be maintained by each student in the Library.
2.The library is open to students from 8:30 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. from Monday to Friday (i.e after morning assembly)
3.Students must not bring their bags and personal belongings to the school library.
4.Students without Library Cards will not be allowed to enter the library. Issue of library books will be made against card only (in the Library Period). Borrowers are responsible for the books, which are borrowed in their name.
5.No student is allowed in the library other than library period, without the teacher’s permission.
6.Each student will have one Issue Card which he/she should not lend to other student.
7.In case of loss of library card a Duplicate Card will be issued at a cost of Rs. 10.00 only.
8.The library books borrowed must be returned within seven days from the date of issue.
9.In case of necessity, re-issue of a library book may be done for another seven days only. In any case, the book must be returned before seven days from the commencement of a vacation, when no books will be issued.
10.In case of delay in returning library books a fine of Rs. 2.00 per day per book will be levied.
11.Before borrowing books from the school library the students must check the condition of the books. If the book is found damaged he/she must bring it to the notice of the librarian immediately, otherwise if it is taken by him/her outside the school library, he/she will have to pay fine/current price of the book whichever is applicable.
12.In the event of a library book found to be damaged/lost, the librarian will levy a fine equivalent to the current price of the book.
13.All books deemed by the librarian as reference books are not meant for issue. Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Project Work, Question Papers of previous years should be considered as reference documents.
The librarian has the authority to call back any book at any tune, if not returned within the, stipulated time, a penalty will be imposed.

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