St. Stephen's School, Budge Budge Affiliated to C.I.S.C.E New Delhi (Code WB-351) The Diocese Of Barrackpore
Church of North-India

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Budge Budge


The school derives its name from St. Stephen , the first Christian Martyr , Who is regarded as the Patron Saint of the institution and 15th of February I celebrated as St. Stephen's or The Founder's Day. St.Stephen is Portrayed in glowing terms in yhe Books of Acts,Chapters 6 & 7 of the Bible

Stephen was a man of God. He was not only wise but also a person of profound faith.God blessed him richly and he was filled with the Holy spirit. He performed many miracles and went about spreading the message of God.However , there were some men from cyrene and Alexandra who were members of a group called "Free Men". They began to argue with Stephen and were joined in by others from cilicia and Asia.They were no match with Stephen who spoke with wishdom that the Holy Sprit had bestowed upom him. They influenced the teachers of the law of Moses, had stephen arrested and brought before the Sanhedrin .There were false allegations made against him that he was talking against la ws of Mosses and saying that jeasus of Nazareth would destroy everything and change that custom that Mosses had given.when asked if the allegations were true he spoke badly against evil practices of the jewish Council who became furious when he said that he could see jeasus standing in all his right hand of God. They yelled at the so called abomination, dragged him out of the city and stoned him a death. In the likeness of his master, he too , at the time of death cried out for forgiveness of all those who had tormented and kill him.

St. Stephen is a glowing example of spiritual leadership.Even at a very Young age he had a faith, wishdom, vision, courage love forgivenes huminity and above all he had been inspried by the holi sprit. he stands as an outstanding withness of Christ and a radiant martyr for the cause of the Mission.

We sincerely hope that the life of St. Stephen will inspire all young men and women, who come under tutelage , because they are "STEPHANITES"

School History

The legancy of St. Stephen School started in te year 1971 under the aegies of the Diocese of Barrackpore , church of North India recognizing the Churche's mission and imparting quality education at an affortable cost to the common masses.The premises of St. Stephen's church, Dum Dum was chosen by the Diocese to set up the school which, back then, only had a few students and a handful of teachers who dedicated themselves to the cause of Diocese.Since then theschool has never and has proven itself time an againto ne the largestand the best known school in suburb of North Kolkata

In 1971 there was St. Stephen school , Dum Dum and today in 2018-2019 St. Stephens School, dum Dum stands tall along with 26 of her branches of school spread across South-Bengal and Chattisgarh and Odisha with many more to come in the near future. This is co-educational English Medium school is unquestionably a notch above the rest when it comes to imparting quality education right from Nursery to Standard XII and it strives to follow and make the students aware of the latest syllabus prescribed by the council for the Indian Certificate Examination , New Delhi

St. Stephen's School, having a Christian Foundation , is a Religious Minority educational Institution withinthe meaning ofArticle 30 of the Construction of India

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